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Continental Tyres

From developing plain tread tyres to becoming the first manufacturer to produce grooved tyres, Continental has come a long way in the industry since its inception. Its premium tyres are world-famous due to state-of-the-art German engineering that delivers superior braking and handling performance and maximum driving safety.

Continental tyres are notable for their matchless performance on every possible road and weather condition. That is why Continental is a popular choice among car owners in the UK. No wonder every third car in Europe is equipped with Continental tyres - the fourth largest manufacturing company in the world.

If you are willing to buy Continental tyres Wychnor, Hi-Range Ltd is your one-stop solution. Types of Continental tyres at our facility

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All-season Tyres
  • Run-flat Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres

You can now also visit our official website and buy tyres online Wychnor in just a few simple steps!

Popular Continental car tyres Wychnor

  • Premium Contact 6: Premium Contact 6 is a high-performance tyre that offers a perfect combination of sporty and comfortable driving experience. Its innovative and unique tread pattern can deliver 15% more mileage than its predecessors. Combined with an asymmetric tread rib geometry and a distinct shoulder block design, the Premium Contact 6 offers superior grip when cornering as well as improved handling and traction.
  • Eco Contact 6: Eco Contact 6 is a perfect choice for eco-friendly drivers. Continental has designed this model with the advanced ‘Green Chilli 2.0 compound’ which increases fuel economy significantly. Moreover, this tyre features an asymmetric tread pattern with sipes, thereby ensuring optimum grip.
  • Sport Contact 5: It is an ultra-high-performance tyre, designed to offer maximum safety and comfort with superior driving experience. While the macro-block design of this model allows for a larger footprint, the ‘Black Chilli Technology’ helps to offer shorter braking distances.

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For more information on our stock of Continental tyres Wychnor, visit our garage at Lichfield Road, Wychnor, Staffs. DE13 8BZ.

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