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Avon Tyres

An unwavering commitment to research and innovation is a hallmark of the renowned British tyre manufacturing brand, Avon. A subsidiary of the Cooper Tyre & Rubber Company, Avon has remained a preferred choice of premium car brands like Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, etc. for its unmatched quality and rich history of unparalleled performance on the race tracks.

If you were looking to buy Avon tyres Wychnor, we recommend you look no further than Hi-Range Ltd, an authorised retailer of car tyres in Staffordshire.

With a huge inventory and backed by experienced professionals, we can effectively guide our customers to select the appropriate set of tyres for their vehicles.

You now also have the choice to buy tyres online from our official website. The process is simple and pretty fast.

Avon models available at our garage

  • Avon summer tyres: ZT7
  • Avon winter tyres: WV7 Snow, WT7 Snow
  • Avon all-season tyres: AS7 All Season
  • Avon performance tyres: Turbospeed CR27, Turbosteel 70
  • Avon 4x4 tyres: AX7, ZX7

We store several other models in addition to these at our garage.

Our top 2 Avon tyres Wychnor

AS7 ALL SEASON - Recently launched in 2020, the AS7 ALL SEASON from Avon features both 3PMSF and M+S ratings, that prove its efficiency in delivering unmatched traction on various unpredictable road conditions. It also ensures improved aquaplaning resistance with the customised lateral 3D sipes and grooves. Also, enjoy round-the-year commendable performance, durability and improved grip with its latest Silica and Resin Technology. 

AVON ZV7- This unit comes with an EU label rating ‘A’ for its wet grip performance. It will, therefore, ensure you enjoy unmatched aquaplaning resistance and superlative wet and dry performance. Also, these Avon car tyres Wychnor ensure reduced rolling noise with their special noise-dampening structure, and hence, offer a comfortable driving experience.

Therefore, you can now end your search for “tyres near me” as Hi-Range Ltd is available at your service.

Our range is extensive, and we make it a point to stock units of various rim sizes to adequately meet the requirements of all our customers. 

Wait no more and call us on 01283 792302, 07770 040070 for further information.