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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?


Your car’s suspension system is a technically challenging and also an incredible feat of automotive engineering. While it cushions your rides, even on the most uneven of roads, several car owners take it for granted.

But like all parts of your car, its suspension is prone to mechanical and physical damages, which arise primarily from lack of maintenance, poor driving habits and bad road conditions.

When a suspension system goes awry, a lot more than just a smooth driving experience is at stake. It will rob you of the ability to control the vehicle, especially when you are taking turns at sharp angles.

If you reside or work in or around Staffordshire or the neighbouring Counties of Cheshire or Cambridgeshire, visit our station - Hi-Range Ltd. We are a reliable and efficient suspension repairing garage Wychnor.

How to diagnose a faulty suspension system?

Hi-Range Ltd believes that a knowledgeable driver is also a safe driver. We believe in educating our customers. If you notice any of these issues bothering you lately, perhaps it is time to pay us a visit.

    • A rather rough driving experience: It is perhaps the most obvious sign that your car’s suspension is at fault. Due to uneven roads and the huge mechanical pressures when driving, and the non-maintenance of crucial parts like shocks and struts, the suspension system might wear out to the point that you will actually ‘feel’ every bump on the road.

To avoid such last-ditch scenarios, call us on 01283 792302, 07770 040070 and book an appointment for a thorough inspection. Our expert technicians will ensure that every part is working as it should and take preventive measures wherever required.

    • Uneven tread wear: Uneven tread wear is caused by many factors but a suspension issue results in a peculiar type of wear, called ‘balding.’ It means that the central 3/4th part of the tyres wear out extremely fast while the rest remains more or less intact.

If this happens, please visit us for a professional check-up of your car suspension system Wychnor.

In our experience, replacing the damaged shock absorbers Wychnor may be necessary.

  • The vehicle nose-dives upon braking: If the front part of your car appears to rush or lurch forward on braking, it is a clear indication of damaged shock absorbers. Under such circumstances, you must visit Hi-Range Ltd instead of searching aimlessly for a ‘car shock absorber repair near me.’

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As a reliable service centre, we can identify any performance issue with your car suspension system Wychnor.

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Else, feel free to visit us at Lichfield Road, Wychnor, Staffs. DE13 8BZ on any working day!

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