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Are you looking for Car Battery Service for your vehicle?


Anyone who has ever been stranded on a remote corner of Staffordshire, especially in the winter months, knows how awful that experience can be. This situation takes a turn for the worse when you know that you have been postponing regular battery inspections. So, it is best to pay particular attention to the battery.

Most passenger cars in the United Kingdom use 12V cells, and they are checked for charging and discharging issues when you maintain a properly planned service schedule.

We are Hi-Range Ltd, one of the most trusted facilities for car battery replacement Wychnor.

We recommend that you reach our facility for a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s car battery Wychnor. You can skip the queue by calling us on 01283 792302, 07770 040070 to book an appointment.

It will also save you the trouble of searching for ‘battery repairing services near me’ when you realise something is amiss!

When do car batteries Wychnor require a professional inspection?

As a responsible and well-informed car owner, you must always be aware of a failing battery. Here, we have listed the most common symptoms that generally indicate it is time to replace your car batteries Wychnor.

    1. Check engine’ light comes on often: While there are hundreds of reasons why this warning light could come alive, a weak or a failing battery is a common reason. Your car’s on-board sensors can detect a malfunctioning battery, which in turn triggers a warning.
    2. A bloated and swollen battery case: If you feel that your car’s lights have been dimming on occasions, our technicians recommend that you inspect the cell visually. Please do not touch the unit; if you see that its external case is swollen and the holding area is corroded, please don’t delay and visit Hi-Range Ltd.

It is entirely possible that either the cell has already exceeded its serviceable life or it has been terribly affected by overheating. Either way, you require car battery replacement Wychnor immediately.

  1. Sluggish engine crank: This is another clue that the battery is failing. When you attempt to start your car, this cell provides the energy which triggers ignition. If you notice that it takes multiple attempts to start and the cranking is slower than usual, you must purchase a new battery at the earliest.

Please note that battery repair is not possible. Once the unit is damaged, you must go for car battery replacement Wychnor.

Hi-Range Ltd stocks units procured from the most established manufacturers across the world. All our products come with their respective warranties.

Reach us

Call 01283 792302, 07770 040070 for further details.