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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Routine wheel balancing sessions are crucial to your vehicle’s continued smooth performance and optimum handling. It is our experience at Hi-Range Ltd, a reputed car service garage with a loyal clientele, that most people do not recognise how these services greatly benefit their cars.

We have also noted that most of our patrons tend to confuse wheel balancing and alignment.

Our facility is in Wychnor, one of Staffordshire’s oldest civil parishes. We are known for our professional approach to car wheel balancing Wychnor.

Hi-Range Ltd plans to bridge the conspicuous gap that exists between car owners and the vast array of services they require.

Our technicians have the latest equipment that ensures your car wheel balancing Wychnor does not take inordinately extra time.

When do you require wheel balancing?

At Hi-Range Ltd, we believe that an informed car owner is a safer driver. We actively recommend our patrons to ask questions; that way, we can easily impart some basic ideas of practical and hands-on car maintenance.

The following two are the most common reasons why you must reach our wheel balancing garage Wychnor.

  • Uneven tyre wear: It is often one of the first symptoms which indicate that not everything is in good shape. You will notice that tyres on one side will start wearing out a lot quicker than those on the opposite side. It means that your car’s tyres are in differential contact with the roads, which results in rapid and uneven wear.
  • After a tyre replacement: It is necessary that your car wheel is balanced after tyre installation at a professional service centre like Hi-Range Ltd.
  • Jarring vibrations inside the passenger cabin: You will feel a steadily increasing vibration which starts in the floorboards and gradually spreads to the undersides of the seats. It can even affect the steering wheel and column, making it rather difficult for you to control your car.

Note that car wheel balancing Wychnor is recommended after hitting a curb or driving through a deep pothole at a higher speed. Otherwise get your wheels balanced at least once every 2 years, although each manufacturer suggests slightly altered periods.

Balancing is an absolute must each time you fit a new set of tyres. If you desire, you can purchase a set of the latest tyre models available in the UK from us.

Why Hi-Range Ltd?

We are conveniently located in Wychnor, not too far from the A38. We are comfortable in both dynamic and static balancing, depending on which service will be suitable for your vehicle. Our facility is manned by trained professionals who try to do their bit for the environment by avoiding lead-based weights.

If you are still searching for a ‘wheel balancing garage near me’, we humbly request that you save both your time and energy by contacting us and book an appointment.

Queries? Please call us on 01283 792302, 07770 040070 or mail us at