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Are you looking for Aircon Regas for your vehicle?


Your vehicle's air conditioner does much more than just cooling the car's interiors. It also performs the critical task of keeping the car cabin free of impurities and de-fogging the car's windscreen and windows.

If the air conditioner fails to provide ideal levels of cooling inside the vehicle, it is recommended that you opt for professional air conditioner Wychnor Service.

Generally, AC refrigerants can last a few years at a stretch. But you may have to visit a garage for car aircon regas Wychnor earlier depending on various factors.

If you are due for one, give Hi-Range a call on 01274 288000.

Our skilled technicians can conduct AC refilling for a variety of car makes and models. Drive down to our facility today to avail our services.

When to go for aircon regas Wychnor?

Your car AC's performance degrades over time and with regular use; so it is recommended that you visit a professional auto garage like ours for regular servicing. We will check the AC system for leaks and damages, and top up the refrigerant accordingly.

How we approach air conditioning service Wychnor?

With years of experience backing us, our technicians are proficient in handling AC systems in a variety of car makes and models. We also perform a thorough check for leaks and damages before refilling and maintain the manufacturer specified pressure within the system.

At our facility, we refill AC systems with two different types of gases depending on the car make and model. Let's take a brief look into both.


If your vehicle was manufactured before 2017, it is highly likely that you will need to refill the AC system with this refrigerant. This gas is non-toxic and non-corrosive, which makes it easy to handle during servicing.


If your vehicle was manufactured after 2017, you need to refill your car AC system with R1234YF. This next-gen ozone-friendly refrigerant is being widely used in the automotive industry due to its excellent cooling performance.

Still searching for 'car ac repairing services near me'? Visit Hi-Range!

Drive down to our facility for a quick and hassle-free aircon regas Wychnor. We are operational at Lichfield Road, Wychnor, Staffs. DE13 8BZ, UK.