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Bridgestone Tyres

Founded in 1931, Bridgestone is currently the largest tyre brand in the world whose sole mission is ‘serving society with superior quality’. With 180 manufacturing plants and R&D facilities and global presence in more than 150 countries, Bridgestone’s products are truly matchless in terms of quality and performance.

Apart from manufacturing tyres, the company shares a rich history in motorsports events as it was associated with Formula 1 for more than 14 years and still actively takes parts in various races. Bridgestone is synonymous with premium quality, cutting-edge tyre technologies and superior driving comfort. That is why Bridgestone tyres are the number one choice of Original Equipment for class-leaders, like Mercedes, Ford, BMW, etc.

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Our inventory consists of a comprehensive collection of car tyres Wychnor, suitable for every vehicle, road and weather condition.

Popular Bridgestone car tyres Wychnor

For summers

  • Turanza T005: It is a popular summer car tyre known for its superior steering response. The advanced B-Silent Technology of the Turanza T005 guarantees minimal rolling noise and enhanced driving comfort. Moreover, Bridgestone has developed this range with unique siping that is present in the tyre’s tread block and helps to remove water from the unit’s path, ensuring maximum wet grip and safety.

For performance cars

  • Potenza S001: This high-performance tyre features an asymmetric tread pattern and advanced construction. The stiff shoulder block delivers superior grip when cornering and offers improved traction and braking performance. Moreover, to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, Bridgestone has developed a high angle and wide groove pattern in the tread design, which efficiently evacuates water from the tyre’s direction.

For SUVs

  • Dueler H/P Sport: The Dueler H/P Sport is tailored for SUVs. While the silica enriched tread compound offers increased traction, the innovative tread pattern helps to deliver reliable handing on both wet and dry surfaces.

Other bestsellers in different categories

  • Bridgestone winter tyres: Blizzak WS90, Blizzak LM-32
  • Bridgestone all-season tyres: Ecopia EP422 Plus, Turanza Serenity Plus

That’s not all!

We house the entire collection of Bridgestone’s products at our facility.

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