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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


Contrary to popular perception, professional wheel alignment sessions bring with them several more advantages than merely restoring complete control over your car handling. Aligning wheels is also a crucial aspect of maintaining your car’s suspension system. Misaligned wheels make contact with the surface at odd angles, thereby giving rise to problems which will later affect your car’s shock absorbers too.

Our facility - Hi-Range Ltd - is considered one of the most reliable stations for wheel alignment Wychnor. We use the latest technology and machineries to make aligning precise, effective and time-saving.

There are plenty of queries most of our patrons have with regards to wheel alignment. On this page, we will try and resolve as many as we can.

What is wheel alignment?

In simple terms, wheel alignment is a procedure where we rectify your vehicle’s wheel angles with respect to each other and the surface.

Every car manufacturer details the most apt wheel angles at which their models will deliver uncompromising performance on-road. We use some of the latest techniques currently available in the UK’s market to measure any misalignment that your car’s wheels may have. Post that, we use an aligning machine which corrects these angles and brings them in line with manufacturer recommendations.

Our technicians are highly qualified and trained in using these technologies. They save you both money and time.

One significant advantage that has made us a trusted wheel alignment garage Wychnor is our attention to detail. We recognise that most modern Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, including ABS, Adaptive Cruise Control and even traction control are linked to the wheels. We take care of all these factors while conducting wheel alignment.

When should you opt for wheel alignment?

There are several giveaway signs which you must learn to recognise. Here are the commonest ones:

    • Vehicle drifting to a side: You will find it difficult to control your car if its wheels have been out of alignment for some time. Usually, a car with all wheels balanced and properly aligned will drive ‘straight and true’- automotive jargon which means that it will not deviate from the central axis.

But when you realise that the car is pulling to a side vehemently, it is time to stop searching around for a reliable ‘wheel alignment garage near me’ and visit us. This is a serious issue and you must not waste time.

  • Off-centre steering wheel: Even on a perfectly straight road and at low speeds, you might notice that the steering wheel is not aligned with the steering column. It is a sure-fire indication that you require wheel alignment Wychnor - and fast!
  • Odd tread wear: Misaligned wheels cause ‘feathering’ which is a specific type of tread wear. You may notice that the edges of your car tyres on the right-hand side are wearing rapidly while their central ribs remain relatively intact. On the left-hand side, you will notice the opposite effect; their central parts will bear the brunt. Feathering reduces tyre life, makes it difficult to accelerate even on proper roads and may even cause life-threatening accidents on snowy surfaces.

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At our facility, we check and correct all the essential wheel angles, namely camber, caster and toe using state-of-the-art wheel aligners.

Camber: Camber indicates the angle of the wheels when seen from the front of the vehicle.

Caster: This angle refers to the slope of the steering axis.

Toe: This refers to the angle of the car wheels when observed from a bird’s-eye-view.

Hi-Range Ltd is capable of handling both wheel balancing and alignment, which are separate but often-confused procedures.

For more details on wheel alignment Wychnor, related advice and price packages, feel free to call us on 01283 792302, 07770 040070.

We will be glad to help you out!