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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


As the temperature begins to plummet, it’s imperative for all car owners to ensure that their vehicle is in optimum condition to tackle the challenging weather conditions. Research suggests that maximum vehicle breakdowns occur during the coldest months of the year. Undoubtedly, getting stranded in the middle of nowhere on a cold dark night is something all car owners would want to avoid. Hence, it would be best if you opted for a professional car winter check Wychnor.

We, at Hi-Range Ltd, are trusted by the residents of Staffordshire as we offer efficient car-related solutions. Drive down to our facility and our team of expert technicians will make sure that your vehicle is winter-ready.

Here are some critical checks that will help your vehicle power through to the harsh winters.

    • Battery

Cold weather conditions can significantly affect the performance of your car’s battery. Moreover, lights and heaters put extra stress on it. If your vehicle is taking longer than usual to start, it’s an indication that the battery is possibly at the end of its service life. Hence, you must address the issue as soon as possible to avoid a breakdown.

    • Coolant and antifreeze

Nowadays, most vehicles come with a sealed cooling system. Hence, it doesn’t require a top up. However, the level should not fall behind or exceed the minimum and maximum markings on the tank, respectively. The coolant system should be thoroughly inspected to ensure there’s enough antifreeze to prevent the fluids in the engine from freezing. Also, the antifreeze should be flushed and refilled as per the recommendations of the manufacturer.

    • Lights

As winter arrives, car owners are likely to encounter rain, snow and sleet. If any one of the lights is not functioning correctly, it can put your safety at risk. Hence, it’s essential to ensure that all the lights of your vehicle are in working condition.

    • Tyres

During winters, all car owners must ensure that the tyre treads are in top condition. The grooves on the tyres are responsible to clear the snow and provide maximum grip. Worn-out tyre treads can increase your vehicle’s braking distance and cause severe handling issues.

  • Wiper blades

If your vehicle’s windshield wipers. Vital for a clear view. Hence, you must get them replaced as early as possible if need be.

We certainly check other components as well, like heating and air-conditioning.

Your hunt for the best car winter check Wychnor ends here with Hi-Range Ltd - your one-stop destination for all car-related queries.

You can now stop asking Google to show you results for the “best car repairing garage near me.”

Visit our facility during business hours. We’re located at A38, Lichfield Road, Wychnor, Staffs. DE13 8BZ. You can also reach out to us on 01283 792302, 07770 040070.