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Are you looking for Bulb Replacement for your vehicle?

Generally, car bulbs Wychnor come with an average lifespan of five years, but they can burn out before the stated time due to various other factors. If car bulbs are not working correctly, your car runs the risk of failing the MOT tests as the visibility of the driver is compromised.

To prevent the risk of failing MOT tests over faulty bulbs, drive down to Hi-Range.

Call us on 01274 288000 to know more about our inventory and book an appointment.


What can you find at Hi-Range?

Our extensive range of headlamps and tail-lamps suit almost every car make and model in the UK, which allows us to offer replacements to a broad customer base. We fill our inventory with high-quality products from customer-trusted brands like Phillips, Hella, Osram, Twenty20, Ring, and Bosch.

Halogen lights: The traditional halogen bulb still remains the top choice for car bulb replacement Wychnor. These bulbs use a conventional tungsten filament bulb with inert gases like argon. They create a warm yellow light that car owners prefer mostly for dipper beams.

Halogen lights can fail if the tungsten filament is damaged. In such situations, you will have to opt for car bulb replacement Wychnor . You can also select from improved variants offering up to 30-40% brighter light from our inventory.

  • LEDs

LEDs are trending among car owners in the UK as they have a long lifespan and can virtually last the lifespan of the car. These bulbs create a bright white light which is similar to daylight and illuminate the road ahead perfectly.

  • Xenon (HIDs)

Xenon bulbs are becoming extremely popular as aftermarket replacements due to their bright white light and long lifespan. HIDs need some wiring modifications; so, car owners are recommended to bring their vehicles to a professional bulb replacement garage Wychnor  for the same.

Please visit us!

Before heading out for long trips, you must ensure that each bulb, i.e. headlights, tail-lights, and indicators, are in optimum working order. You can always visit a professional service garage like us for bulb replacement Wychnor .

We are operational at Lichfield Road, Wychnor,Staffs. DE13 8BZ, UK.