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Are you looking for Tyres Labelling for your vehicle?


The EU regulations mandates car tyre labelling as a crucial part of tyre retailing. These standard labels aim to acquaint customers with information on tyre safety and its environmental impact. However, it often becomes difficult for car-owners to figure out a perfect set of tyres for their vehicles from the ambiguous combinations of letters and symbols.

Worry no more as Hi-Range Ltd gets down to the nitty-gritty of tyre labels that you may come across while browsing through our extensive catalogue of quality tyres Wychnor.

Breaking down the EU tyre label

The EU tyre label relays key information about a tyre’s performance on the basis of:

  • Wet grip
  • Fuel economy
  • Noise levels
    • Wet braking

Wet braking of a tyre is crucial to safe driving. It indicates the distance at which your vehicle will come to a halt after you apply the brakes. Tyre labels come with a wet grip rating from A to G, where each succeeding alphabet adds to 2.5 metres of stopping distance at a speed of 50 mph.

With greater chances of hydroplaning, your safety is more at risk in wet conditions. Now, you can easily compare between tread patterns for greater braking efficiency with these labels. Ratings from A to D ensure optimum safety in all seasons.

    • Fuel economy

Tyres play a huge role in deciding your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Like wet braking, ratings for fuel economy also range from A to G with a colour transition from green to orange to red. Rolling resistance is decided by the tread material of car tyres Wychnor. A green ‘A’ rating indicates the least rolling resistance, and hence, excellent fuel economy. On the other hand, a red ‘G’ rating points to the highest rolling resistance and least fuel savings.

  • Noise levels

The scale for noise levels comes with three different ratings denoted by ‘sound wave’ bars. Tyre labels with one black bar offer a comfortable driving experience with the least noise generation. However, tyres with three bars are the noisiest ones.

EU tyre labels aid in making an informed purchase. We recommend you buy car tyres Wychnor with the best ratings for maximum safety and cost-effective performance.

End your “tyres near me” searches with us at Hi-Range Ltd. You buy online or visit our facility at Lichfield Road, Wychnor, Staffs., DE13 8BZ, for more information.